Rob Roy on The Creek Frequently Asked Questions.

Waste/Recycling FAQs

• My trash wasn't picked up...what do I do?
For questions regarding waste and/or recycling, please contact Waste Management's Residential Customer Service Center at 800.800.5804 or email

Download Waste Management's information brochure regarding Waste and Recycling Guidelines applicable to RROTC customers by clicking here.

Please direct other questions to Candace Davison, Community Manager at our management service provider, Spectrum Management, 512.834.3900.

General FAQs

• What do I do if I have a general complaint, comment, or suggestion relating to the RROTC neighborhood?
Write down your concerns and send them via fax or e-mail to Candace Davison, Community Manager at Spectrum Management:
   E-mail: Candace Davison
   website: Spectrum Association Management

• Why isn't there a traffic light at Beardsley Lane and Bee Cave Road [FM2244]?
A study was undertaken in January, 2006 by the Texas Department of Transportation. At that time, the traffic at the intersection was approximately 70% of the volume necessary to warrant a traffic signal. However, engineers also studied the downhill grades approaching the intersection on Bee Cave Rd. They determined that a traffic light would actually increase the likelihood of accidents, as cars approaching stopped vehicles would not themselves have adequate stopping distance. The possibility of a traffic light being installed at this intersection is therefore slim, especially with the current 60mph speed limit.

• Where can I obtain a copy of the neighborhood Covenants, Bylaws and Restrictions?
Download it by clicking here, or request a printed copy from Spectrum Management by clicking here or calling 512.834.3900.

• Can I subdivide my RROTC lot?
Subdivision of a lot is subject first to RROTC HOA Architectural Committee approval, then by the civil authorities. Research by the board into the latter process revealed that if a lot is subdivided, it would be subject to a re-plat by the City of Austin and to subsequently much stricter guidelines commensurate with the Critical Water Zones ordinances of Barton Creek. Consequently, there are few, if any, RROTC lots that would be able to be subdivided – and then actually built upon – pursuant to the neighborhood's building guidelines.

• I want to add a pool and fence [or other buiding project] - do I need permission for improvements?
Yes, per the Covenants, approval of the Architectural Committee is required for such projects. See the architectural control web page.

• Where can we access the greenbelt?
Download and view a large .pdf map on our website by clicking on the 'general info+maps' tab at the top and then the 'Easement Plan' button. Or click here.

There are a number of "10' x 25' ACCESS EASEMENT" lines shown on this map. However, these are all on private property and there is no requirement that the owner provide public access or allow anyone other than authorized persons to reach the areas. The board is currently researching the implications of these access easements.

• How do I contact the RROTC Homeowners Association?
Click here; complete and send the Contact Form. Or call or email Spectrum Management at 512.834.4900.

• When are homeowners and board meetings held?
The annual homeowners meeting is held every March. Board of directors meetings are held on an as-needed basis. Both meetings are generally noticed to homeowners ONLY via email blast and on this website, at least 72 hours in advance. Please ensure we have your CURRENT email address. Send it to us here.