Homeowners dues.

Rob Roy on the Creek Homeowners Association dues are currently $500 per year. The payment of annual dues is mandatory for all property owners in Rob Roy on the Creek.

Homeowners Dues Delinquency Collection Process

1.    Annual dues coupon sent for payment to all homeowners noting 'due upon receipt'.
2.    30 days pass with no payment received:
        • Homeowner gets reminder letter; copy is filed.
3.    45 days pass w/no payment:
        • Howeowner is called on the phone; call and response is logged and filed
4.    60 days pass w/no payment:
        • Reminder notice is sent by both regular AND Certified Mail w/RRR;
        • Copy and return receipt are filed.
5.    90 days pass w/no payment:
        • Homeowner receives a second phone call;
        • Call and response logged and filed.
6.    120 days pass w/no payment:
        • Final Notice Letter is sent (Reg + Cert/RRR) informing homeowner a lien will be filed
          TEN DAYS HENCE if payment arrangements are not made immediately
7.    150 days:
        • Lien is filed for amount owed PLUS attorneys fees;
        • Homeowner is sent a letter (Cert/RRR) informing them of the lien filing.
8.    If payment is not received for additional dues or fees:
        • Subsequent liens are filed for these amounts as per law.
9.    Homeowner lists the home for sale or attempts to re-finance a mortgage:
       • The homeowner must satisfy (pay) in full all amounts from all lien filings.