Neighborhood boundaries

Rob Roy on The Creek consists of the residences located off Bee Cave Road (FM 2244) on the following streets:

Beardsley Area
• Beardsley Lane

• Beardsley Cove
• Danforth Cove
• Talbot Lane
• Talbot Cove

Newhall Area

• Newhall Lane
• Newhall Cove

and the Furlong Drive Area, located off Barton Creek Boulevard:
• Furlong Drive

The area is further defined by these boundaries, as shown on the City of Austin's RROTC HOA boundary map:

Bee Caves Rd (2244) from Barton Creek Blvd. to Beardsley Lane

Barton Creek Watershed

Furlong Drive, Newhall Lane, and Newhall Cove

Beardsley Lane, Malish Court, Beardsley Cove, Danforth Cove, Talbot Cove